What is clinical psychology?

What is clinical psychology?

Clinical Psychology is an integration of theoretical and clinical knowledge that is used to relieve psychological distress and improve a person’s sense of wellbeing.

Clinical Psychologists are experts in psychological assessment, clinical diagnosis and treatment.  Therapy is usually based on one or more theoretical orientations – all the clinicians working at Changing Minds specialise in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is the treatment of choice recommended by the Department of Health for most common mental health difficulties.

All Clinical Psychologists have completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology followed by a 3 year Doctorate Training in Clinical Psychology.  This training includes at least 6 NHS based placements covering clinical areas such as adult mental health, children and families, older people and learning difficulties.  Many Clinical Psychologists have also completed further training such as Post Graduate qualifications or Certificates in particular theoretical orientations or special interests.

All Clinical Psychologists in the UK must be registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC), which is a regulatory body set up to protect the public by ensuring adequate standards for professional training, skills and behaviour.  You can check whether the psychologist you are seeing is registered with the HPC by logging on to http://www.hpcheck.org .  Chartered Clinical Psychologists adhere to the criteria set down by the British Psychological Society and a register of Chartered Psychologists can be found on this website.

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