Fees and payment

Psychological assessment (80 minutes) £150

This includes a discussion of options that may be available for you within the NHS as well as what we could offer within Changing Minds, or from one of our associates.



Fees will vary depending on whether you see one of the senior team or are referred on to one of our associates, who set their own fee structure.  Below is a guide including prices for the main types of therapy that we would discuss with you:

Guided Self Help (Telephone or face to face: £40 – £50 per 30 minute session

Counselling (face to face only): £50 – £60 per 50 minute session

CBT (Face to face or Skype): £90 – £110 per 50 minute session

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: £100  per 50 minute session


Payment Options

Payment is required by cash, cheque or electronic transfer at the end of each session.

Some of our therapists are registered with the major insurance companies (Aviva, PruHealth, Axa and BUPA).  If you are claiming from a health insurance company, please ensure that prior to your first appointment you have contacted your health insurance and have been provided with a reference/authorisation number to give to your therapist.  Please also confirm with your therapist how many sessions have been authorised.

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