We hope that these will answer any questions you may have, but if not please feel free to contact us,


I don't know what sort of therapy I need - how can you help?

We would offer you a full assessment of your problems, and goals for therapy.  We have a range of therapists who offer different types of treatment, and we would discuss with you the best options for therapy that we know works for your particular difficulties.  This might be counselling, CBT or a few sessions of Guided Self Help (which we offer by phone if this is more convenient for you).  If you decide after a few sessions that you would like to consider another type of therapy, your therapist can think about this with you and refer you on if you both agree that this would be helpful.

Would you talk with me about NHS options as well as private therapy ?

Of course.  We all have a lot of experience working in the NHS and are aware of what therapy should be available to you in your local area.  Before offering you a course of therapy with us, we will ensure that we have discussed NHS choices with you and given you the opportunity to explore these first.  


What insurance companies are you registered with?

We are able to offer CBT if you have private health insurance with BUPA, AXA, Aviva or PruHealth.  If you are a member of a different health insurance scheme, please contact us before booking an appointment and we can liaise with the company to see whether funding is available.

What sort of difficulties do you treat?

Our team of therapists can treat depression, low self esteem, work related stress, the full range of anxiety disorders (please see horizontal tabs for more information on these), as well as relationship difficulties, bereavements and loss.  We wouldn't treat psychosis, personality disorder, or primary drug or alcohol problems.

Can you prescribe medication as well as providing therapy?

We are unable to prescribe medication - if your therapist felt that this might be helpful, we would advise you to approach your GP in the first instance.  If you would like an appointment with a psychiatrist, we can put you in touch with colleagues who could offer you an assessment and advice about medication options you may wish to consider.

Do you offer therapy in different languages?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer therapy in languages other than English at the current time.

Do you offer digital therapy? 

We are able to offer therapy via SKYPE if this would be more convenient for you than attending one of our clinic locations.

What is your policy on confidentiality? 

All records are held in secure locations and no information will be disclosed to a third party without your written permission, except under very rare circumstances such as notes being requested by the courts, or if your therapist has serious concerns that you present a danger to yourself or to others.  All therapists receive regular clinical supervision to ensure that therapeutic standards remain high. This means that information will be shared with your therapist’s supervisor on an anonymous basis .  

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